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Thomas Clive & Co


Thomas Clive & Co have the ability to provide advice to maximize or minimize the impact of any property decision you may make voluntarily or in response to a change in circumstances.


We are an Independent Agency with a firm base of institutional, international, national & locally based clients. Whilst our client base includes a number of large institutions we maintain an active role on behalf of all our investors, landlords and tenants assured that any advice is provided entirely independent of any other activity by another client.


We pride ourselves on the independence, accuracy and unbiased advice we give to aid clients in the decision making process, with technical advice at all levels in all markets.


We can provide the necessary support required by clients to enter into new markets, manage their existing portfolios and extend those portfolios or modify their overall structure to refresh, strengthen or merely underpin the clients’ property interests. 


Committed to every project, from acquisition and disposal of properties to development, occupation or investment, our team can maximize the potential of all your property remaining committed throughout the process providing swift and accurate advice at each stage by taking a proactive role to ensure the best results. This ability to assist to instigate new projects maintaining the momentum displays the level of commitment and quality of advice our clients expect. Thomas Clive & Co, as committed as you are