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Asset Management & Development Consultancy


Thomas Clive & Co acquire, dispose and manage property for a number of institutional, corporate and private clients.


Superficially, a property or portfolio may produce an acceptable return and be considered a solid investment. We evaluate the latent potential of individual properties or portfolios, looking for ways to fine tune the performance of an investment and "add value" without necessarily needing to go to the market to sell or buy to improve returns.


We keep a weather eye for opportunities to improve or complement your existing holdings and recognise that a disposal to a "special purchaser" may produce higher than expected values.


Unlike most other forms of investment, individual properties are unique and can offer scope for "active management" both for owners and occupiers. Titles and leases may offer potential to improve returns to Landlords or, equally, have a detrimental effect upon occupiers at the time of rent review or lease renewal or when seeking to assign or sub-let.


We pride ourselves on providing clear, considered advice to both owners and occupiers, pointing out the threats and opportunities affecting each property.